Artists in Residence

- Sessions -

Our sessions for 2018/19 have been concluded. We are grateful to our Artists-in-Residence for leaving a profound artistic footprint, paving the path for 2020/21sessions and beyond.

We had no idea what was coming around the corner, and with the pandemic we are still learning to adapt keeping our heads above water, co-creating with our growing community composed of curators, artists, academics, and cultural leaders across disciplines with focus on Visual Art, Literature, Poetry, Performance Art, Public Art, Photography, and Dance.

After a long wait, we are pleased to announce that we are rebooting our artists in residence sessions in 2022 - working, cooking, dreaming, and laughing together!


 - Open Call 2022 -

Our residencies and sessions at Casale Flaminia are curated by (sm)art non-profit initiative composed of of curators, artists, academics, and cultural leaders. Open call for artists and writers, please apply here.

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First Edition (sm)art festival 21 

 - Winter 2021 -

Responding to the pandemic lockdown in Feb 2021, Casale Flaminia was the host to the first digital edition of (sm)art festival, carefully curated by a distinguished international composition of artists, academics, and cultural leaders across disciplines, with focus on Visual Art, Literature, Poetry, Photography, Performance Art, Public Art, and Dance.

"We travelled around the world in a digital way, until we can restart something that is in our human nature: the arts, the culture, the cinemas, the social, the travel, the discovery, the dreaming ..." - Vitor Pereira -

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 - Winter 2020 -

Casale Flaminia was invited  to speak at Smart Travel in Dec 2020 on the topic of "The Future of Smart Destinations", putting Spoleto onto the worldwide map of smart destinations.


- Fall 2020 -


Due to the Coronavirus travel restrictions and lockdown measures, the fall 2020 sessions have been deferred until the next year, stay safe everybody!

- Spring 2020 -

After careful consideration of the pool of prolific and talented international artists, the (sm)art committee has chosen four recipients to join us in Spoleto, Italy for our spring residency sessions.


Congratulations to New York based novelist and essayist, Janet Steen, Ireland based figurative artist, Rosie McGurran, Lisbon based writer and journalist, Vitor Pereira, and writer and visual artist, Margarita Gokun Silver.

Margarita Gokun Silver

Writer in Residence


Janet Steen

Writer in Residence


Rosie McGurran

Artist in Residence

Rosie McGurran

Vitor Pereira

Writer in Residence


World-renowned author and dancer, Twyla Tharp, once said, “Art is the only way to run away without leaving home.” We are thrilled to offer these artists a place to run to this spring - and the time and resources to continue creating their beautiful art. Benvenuti Janet, Rosie, Vitor, and Margarita!

Due to the Coronavirus travel restrictions and lockdown measures, all sessions have been put on hold until further notice, stay safe everybody!


- Fall 2019-

After careful consideration of the pool of exceptionally talented and inspiring international applicants, the committee was unanimous in its short-list and final decision. We are pleased to announce that Cyprus-based journalist and writer Melissa Hekkers, Syrian-born artist, Adi Atassi, and energy alchemist, photographer and author, Sandy Humby are the recipients of our week-long residency at Casale Flaminia in Spoleto, Italy.

"Authentic, haunting, and evocative … Their work truly matters. These artists deserve the time and the space to pursue it.”  - These are just a few words from members of the selection committee after choosing three recipients for the autumn 2019 artists-in-residence sessions.

Melissa Hekkers

Writer in Residence


Adi Atassi

Artist in Residence


Sandy Marie Humby

Writer in Residence


The three artists left a profound footprint during their stay in the fall of 2019, manifesting the future of our artist in residence sessions, grazie mille!


- Summer 2019 -


During the summer of 2019, we welcomed visiting artist Lina Hermsdorf with her colleague artist Tomasso Faraci from the Mahler & LeWitt Studios in Spoleto.


Lina Hermsdorf

Visiting Artist


Tomasso Faraci

Visiting Artist


Lina visited Casale Flaminia to work on her art film project during her artist-in-residence at the Mahler & LeWitt Studios in Spoleto. 


The project was centred around Lucas Bona Dea, a little known ancient sacred forest on the land of Casale Flaminia dedicated to the Roman goddess Bona Dea and 2000 years ago provided a sanctuary for women with rites that sanctified the temporary removal of customary constraints imposed on Roman women of all classes by Roman tradition.

Lucas Bona Dea by solo artist Lina Hermsdorf is exhibited in London at Jupiter Woods, a female led arts organisation.


- Spring 2018 -

For the opening residency program of spring/summer 2018, we hosted our first writer in residence Emily Haas and the sculptor Luigi Prevedel.

Emily Haas

Writer in Residence

Luigi Prevedel

Visiting Sculptor


Artists in Residence
- Meet the Artists -

Our sessions for the residencies program 2018/2019 have been concluded, meet the artists!


Melissa Hekkers
Writer in Residence

Melissa Hekkers is a freelance journalist and author, who has frequently been featured in mainstream news outlets and other publications in Cyprus. Her most recent publication (2018), My Cape Greco Mandala, which is the third in a series, is a colouring book inspired by the wildlife of the Cape Greco peninsula in Cyprus and was preceded by My Akamas Mandala which focuses on a variety of endemic plants found on the Akamas Natural Reserve. In 2016, she published My Nicosia Mandala, the first of the above series, an innovative, interactive colouring book about the historic fortifications of the old town of Nicosia.


Since 2015, Melissa has been teaching creative writing to children and adults. Melissa also focuses on silenced communities in Cyprus: she writes about migrants, both as a reporter and author; profiles them and teaches them creative and script writing skills through European funded programmes. In 2007, soon after graduating with a Communications degree, she published her first children’s book in both English and Greek entitled Crocodile, which won the Cyprus State Illustration Award. In 2012, she launched her second children’s book Flying across Red Skies (in English and Greek), using an experimental approach to literature, for which she was nominated for the Cyprus State Literary award. Her third, similarly well-received children’s book was Pupa (Greek and English), published in 2014 and was adapted as a theatre play in 2019. In between her last two books, she published her first free-verse poetry book entitled Come-forth.


In 2019 she was contributing author to the anthology Nicosia Beyond Barriers: Voices from a Divided City, published by Saqi Books, London.

- "Pupa" is live on stage! -

An adaptation of the children’s book "Pupa" as a theatre play is currently being presented on weekends at the Theatre Dionysos. Bringing the book to life as a theatre play for the first time in Cyprus, the play is based on Melissa Hekkers’ third children’s book and is directed by Christos Yiangou and adapated by Natalia Panayiotou.

Photos Antonis Farmakas

- "I'm not a volunteer, I'm Human" -

- Amir's Blue Elephant -

During the residency week at Casale Flaminia, Melissa Hekkers reflected on her experience as a volunteer on the Greek island beaches and the hardships faced by refugees and migrants upon reaching European shores. From the perspective of a journalist, Melissa Hekkers recounted her footsteps as she joined the journey of thousands of refugees seeking safety in Europe. 


Telling the real story of a refugee kid Amir, holding on to his blue elephant toy, the new book pushing the creative boundaries of non-fiction, was born!

Amir's Blue Elephant Book Cover

"Hekkers delivers a true tour de force – with her lyrical and evocative writing, she shines a mirror on the humanity that unites us all." - Mellisa Felix -


Adi Atassi
Artist in Residence

Adi Atassi was born in Syria, in 1962. The beauty of the Syrian landscape covered with a mosaic of colours, strong light and shadows, history and religions, influenced his first years lived in the town of Homs. At the age of eighteen, he left for Damascus to study art at the University of Fine Arts. 

Like the sea gull flying to different lands building their nests, his fate brought him to Cyprus that provided for him his new home since 1987. The status of the foreigner, gave him the loneliness an artist needs, but at the same time, the familiarity of the climate and the history of place, gave him the love and warmth necessary for his creativity.

I'm interested in chaos and accident and the harmony and beauty found within. In my work I provoke the accident to later, during the creative process, embrace it looking for reconciliation and homeostasis. My approach as when creating is a construct-demolish-repair process; during this struggle I find a brute yet honest identity of my subjects.

Our perception of the world and ourselves is grounded on explicit or implicit agreements in society. I'm instigating this conventionalism and exposing the viewer to a visceral discourse concerned with our own bodily integrity and mortality.

- "Vocabulary of Spoleto" -

During the autumn 2019 residency, maestro Adi captured the "vocabulary" of Spoleto using ink and watercolours on paper and kindly donated his work to Casale Flaminia.


- "The hidden worlds of words" -

An interactive art journey between Adi and friends, where he invites them to write spontaneously some words on a 42-30 cm paper before interacting with their words written in Chinese Black Ink by passing his drawing knife on their words while the ink is still wet, transforming words into shapes...

- Adi and Friends -

“...shapes that belong to the character of everyone who interacts with me. It shows their hidden meanings, the worlds of all spoken and written words, those words that you imagine before the beginning of writing, and they are after an abstract of the 'Kafka' in the conscious mind, reflected in interconnected shapes and letters that show certain meanings." - Adi Atassi -